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Phone: (415) 884-4888
Fax: (415) 884-4889


Prior to using GoToAssist, please contact Ctuit support.

Ctuit employees will never contact the client for an installation that is not scheduled. Upon contacting a location for installation, our installation team will request that they be immediately called back at our main office at +1 (415) 884-4888, as a final verification step that this is an approved installation. Do not call if you are given a number other than our main office, and please let us know about the unauthorized reach out at

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Ongoing Training

Ctuit offers ongoing training features to all existing clients. To access this feature simply navigate to the ‘Training’ link, next to ‘Help’ and ‘Account’ in the upper left corner of your database. Here you will see access to all three of Ctuit’s complimentary training functions: Training Calendar, Training Videos, and Help Files.

Training Videos enable users to watch recorded trainings for general modules at their leisure. These videos provide users the ability to learn at their own pace with access to this content anytime, anywhere!

Training Calendar enables any RADAR user to sign up for online webinars covering a variety of topics from general navigation to specific configuration. Simply choose your desired webinar and register through the provided link. You will also see industry hot topics, like Fraud Management and Labor Optimization, discussed by our seasoned in-house experts. Additionally, you can view live demonstrations of some of our advanced modules like Advanced Labor Scheduling and Event Management.

Help Files enable users to download documentation for general modules. From here, users can access PDF files that will give an in-depth look at each module. For additional help you can use the Help feature located next to the ‘Training’ link in the upper left hand corner of your database. These help files are built out for modules and reports throughout RADAR to enhance your RADAR experience!

Troubleshooting Checklist

Are you experiencing problems with other web sites?
If so, check your local network setup or contact your ISP.

Does the problem persist after you have restarted your web browser or entire computer?
This may solve the issue or help Ctuit with the troubleshooting process.

If the problem involves a report, have you tried running the report in a different format (PDF, CSV, RTF)?
This may help Ctuit with the troubleshooting process.

Do you experience the same issue at any computer you use?
This may help Ctuit with the troubleshooting process.

If you have another web browser installed, are you experiencing the problem in both browsers?
This may help Ctuit with the troubleshooting process.

Do you have the latest updates for your web browser and operating system?
Please make sure your system is up to date to decrease system security vulnerabilities and bugs.