Speed of Service

Ensure that every meal comes with quality service

Speed of Service provides crucial insight into kitchen production and operations that reveal inefficiencies affecting guest satisfaction and opportunities for improvement.

Cut down on the time it takes to earn profits

RADAR Dashboards
Gain a competitive edge by identifying the relationship between your prep times, service, comps, and guest satisfaction
RADAR Dashboards
Easy-to-use configurable dashboards and widgets offer you customizable views into your kitchen’s speed of service & prep times, as well as historical trends
RADAR Dashboards
Historical comparisons: View historical data points such as average order prep time and prep time trends to fix and/or fine tune operations
RADAR Dashboards
Comprehensive insight into kitchen operations including a thorough understanding of your food prep process
RADAR Dashboards
Maximize customer satisfaction by focusing on labor adjustments (i.e., reduced labor vs. increase in “reactive” comps)
RADAR Dashboards
Identify bottlenecks to increase speed of service

"The ROI with these cost basis improvements, as well as other
General and Administrative savings gained by implementing Ctuit was over 2.5%."

− Alex Birnbaum, Vice President Information Technology, Craftworks Restaurants

"With Ctuit, we are saving time, money, and increasing productivity."

− Chris Knape, Marketing & Communications Director, BarFly Ventures

"Ctuit RADAR is intuitive and easy to use, which allows for financial and non-financial restaurant orientated managers and staff the ability to positively impact their respective areas of responsibility. We appreciate Ctuit’s accurate, timely information, excellent support and continual upgrades."

− Carlos Bernal, Chief Executive, Pitfire Artisan Pizza

"DRH needed one solution for financial reporting, payroll information, inventory, and accounts payable. The savings to date are immeasurable and we plan to use Ctuit RADAR as a key component of our growth strategy."

− David Burke, CFO, Diversified Restaurant Holdings, Inc.

"Costing out daily and weekly schedules went from painful worksheets emailed out on Excel documents to now having everything we need to run a profitable business in a centralized location with easy web based access."

− Bob Simpson, Director of Training, Black Bear Diner

"We have realized over a 50% savings from Ctuit's configurable and robust solution. Our annual fees are less than 50% of what we were paying with our previous provider."

− Trey Menz, Director of IT, Islands Restaurant
Ctuit RADAR - A Responsive Restaurant Management Application

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