Partner Solutions

Accounting Package Integration

Save time and consolidate tasks with an intuitive integration to your accounting package
RADAR - Restaurant management

Timely and accurate financial reporting

RADAR - Restaurant management

Seamless General Ledger integration with your accounting system

RADAR - Restaurant management

View and adjust the daily breakdown of sales mapped to GL Codes

RADAR - Restaurant management

Define rules to automatically map Point of Sale data to GL Codes and create a real-time Ops Statement

RADAR - Restaurant management

Export data directly to your accounting package (see list of Compatibility)

RADAR - Restaurant management

Modify extracted POS data through a Sales Journal

Payroll Processing

Automate repetitive administrative functions and minimize the chance of costly human errors

Eliminate time consuming manual payroll data entry

Verify that locations have certified payroll as ready for processing across companies from a single page

Save time (and money) by catching errors in employee paychecks before they are issued

Use Special Pay to ensure labor penalties are being identified

Export payroll via a custom export to the payroll processor (see Compatibility list)

Combine labor data for employees working at multiple locations

Accounts Payable

Export Accounts Payable activity directly into your accounting software

View invoices as soon as they are delivered to the restaurant with Invoice Imaging

Reduce manual data entry and preserve data integrity with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integrations

Remote access to Accounts Payable information

Manage vendor information, assign and split invoice costs across restaurants

Populate the real-time financial operational statement

Connect with your accounting software to monitor and track vendor activity


Help your clients become more profitable by using RADAR’s Restaurant Management Tools

Manager Log provides a dynamic communication tool to manage daily restaurant activities

On The Fly™ mobile app delivers real time data to increase management responsiveness

Dashboards display a customizable view of restaurant activities to increase productivity and insight

Increase profits with quick and intuitive assessments and drilldown Reporting

Ensure optimal coverage for every shift and control costs with accurate Labor Scheduling

Increase Server Productivity by identifying sales trends to get the staff selling more

Streamline Daily/Weekly/Monthly Activities

Spend less time on administrative work

Increase your business’ capacity to grow

Standardize your company’s processes with easy to use exports and reports activities

Support multiple Point of Sale systems

Single Sign On to gain secure access to all the restaurants you support

Validate and certify payroll as ready for processing across companies from a single page

Reduce repetitive administrative functions through automation

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